Next Wave Marketing serves individuals and businesses in developing a powerful online brand presence through modern public relations strategies. In short, we help get your stories seen and heard online. We specialize in producing high-ranking press releases that are both visible and searchable online. We are committed to providing exceptional customer experiences and helping our customers — individuals and companies — build powerful brands.

All of our articles are SEO indexed and rank on Google

Influence over customers that search you or your business online

Increased authority from features in 3rd party validated sites

Complete narrative control



All articles SEO Indexed 

Our professional copywriters write customized articles for you

Full Narrative Control

Search Engine brand building

Fast turnaround: Articles are released in 2-3 weeks after initial consult (usually sooner)

Produce and promote engaging articles on your social media channels 

Yahoo Finance Full Feature

AP News Full Feature

Business Insider Full Feature






How do we write articles?

Our professional writers draft articles on your behalf based on the completed intake form you fill out.

How can my agency partner with NextWave?

If you’re looking to partner with us please fill out the contact form on the top or bottom of our website for more information.

What does SEO index mean?

SEO Index is based off of the authority of a site, all of our articles are indexed which means they’re searchable and rank on all search engines.

What can I say in my article(s)?

One of the greatest incentives we provide is full narrative control for a majority of our publications. This allows our clients to get their message across to their ideal consumer who’s either searching them online or viewing their campaign from another platform.